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Your Rx Meals brings you healthy, organic, and farm-sourced food that can be customized to your health profile. We utilize reliable and accurate food sensitivity testing to serve as a guide for meal planning and preparation. Your Rx Meals specializes in gluten-free, paleo, and organic options, and can cater to children, adults, and the whole family.





Your Rx Meals takes on the task of preparing your customized meals so that you don't have to. Do you lack the time to shop for and prepare meals? We offer a personalized meal plan and chef service that caters to your health profile based on your food sensitivities and symptoms.We utilize organic, farm-sourced food and specialize in paleo and gluten-free. 

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Do you have symptoms that you think might be associated with eating certain foods? Would you like to figure out what foods are causing your digestive issues, headaches, skin outbreaks, or other problem? Let Your Rx Meals help you determine your food sensitivities through our accurate and reliable food testing, and let us devise and deliver a meal plan that is perfect for you. 

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I sought out care from Dr Elias several months after being diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. After months of treatment from Conventional Medicine, i was still struggling with symptoms. My conventional doctors had been telling me that my diet did not play a role in my disease with prevention or control of symptoms, only in managing during an acute flare. Dr Elias ordered the FIT test for me and it changed everything! I found out that I am sensitive to gluten, soy, eggs, sweet peas, and chickpeas. After eliminating those foods found on the test, my flare finally resolved and has stayed in remission ever since. I am so thankful to Dr Elias and the FIT test for getting my life back on track!