Our Medical & Nutritional Meal Planning Chef Service offers a personalized approach to chef service, with attention to your health needs and goals. This includes a menu selection consultation, grocery shopping for all ingredients, meal preparation, packaging and labeling, reheating instructions, and kitchen clean up. 

·        The best quality food is selected for cooking including organic produce, herbs and spices, wild seafood, organic (and pastured when possible) meats. These items are chosen from local natural food markets, farmer’s markets and farms.

·        Once contacted, please fill out the client profile and health concerns forms before the consult. All health concerns and goals will be discussed and considered. Full meal planning and food sensitivity testing are offered at an additional cost. The master menu is reviewed and the meals are decided.

·        Groceries are an additional cost to the service. This is due to the difference in cost of food, for example filet mignon will always price higher than a vegetarian meal. This is then added to the service fee.

·        A date is then scheduled for the meal preparation and payment is collected. All cooking and clean up can be done in your home, in any type of kitchen. Meals are cooked according to the specifications agreed upon, with careful attention paid to your health profile and concerns. For safety reasons, please have your kitchen free from people and pets on the food preparation date.