After over ten years of practicing Naturopathic and Integrative medicine, Dr. Alia Elias realized that she could give all the medicine she wanted, but if people didn't change their diet, they weren't able to get as well as they could or should. She decided to formulate meal plans that are specific to people's health needs, offer accurate and reliable food sensitivity testing, and prepare these customized meals for people. With nutrition being fundamental to Naturopathic Medicine, Dr. Elias knew she could effect more change this way. 


Our Mission

Your Rx Meals is here to give you what you might not be able to or have the time to achieve on your own, which is customized meals that are in accordance with your health issues and goals. With our lifestyles being busy and hard to juggle at times, it can be difficult to prepare meals that are not only healthy, but healthy for you. It is also a challenge to figure out which foods are an issue for you, with the growing number of food sensitivities in our food supply. Wheat, gluten, soy, dairy, eggs, nuts... it is overwhelming to read food labels and decipher what is what, and also what is causing the problem. We also want to feed our kids healthy food that is compatible with their health issues. Do you struggle with making meals for them, or do you lack the time to do so? Your Rx Meals will make meals for the family, meals for the kids, or a week's worth of kids' lunches at a time! 

The focus of Your Rx Meals encompasses whole, organic, paleo, gluten-free, and farm- sourced food to give you the best products available. This includes seasonal local choices from grocers, farms and farmer's markets.  

Part of what Your Rx Meals offers is reliable and sensitive food sensitivity testing that is a necessary aspect of meal planning. Having even moderate exposure to our food sensitivities maintains a certain level of inflammation in our gut and therefore our bodies, ie joints, brain, and other tissues. This is directly linked to conditions such as arthritis, ADD/ADHD, asthma, headaches and migraines, gastrointestinal issues, sinusitis, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Autoimmune Disease, among others. Identifying and avoiding these foods is integral to amelioration of symptoms and even remission in some cases. Testing for food sensitivities with the Food Inflammation Test is the most reliable and accurate on the market at this time because it measures both Type II and III delayed-type reactions mediated by antibodies and Complement bound to immune complexes.  



All disease begins in the gut
— Hippocrates

About Dr. Alia Elias


  • Dr. Alia Elias has a doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine (N.D.) and a Masters of Oriental Medicine (M.S.O.M) at the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland Oregon.

  • She practiced Naturopathic and Integrative medicine as well as acupuncture for over ten years post graduation.

  • She is studying to be a GAPS practitioner in order to help people heal their guts and brains and heal from chronic illness

  • Dr. Elias has worked in various clinical settings including community clinics serving the underserved and homeless, spas, and integrative clinics.

  • She has been making meals for her family of three children, while planning for their various food issues, starting 18 years ago.

  • Her interests include crossfit, running, obstacle racing, yoga, writing, growing plants, business and anything she can, and finding healthier ways to cook delicious things.

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